History of Naevus Mutationis

North american Timline and numbers:

May 18th 2002: First publicly Recorded occurrence.

15 year old presenting obvious physical changes, official reaction leads some to believe this is not the manifestation but the first that is publicly disclosed.

By July the Canadian government in conjunction with the American hold a press conference revealing that several similar incidents have occurred there appears to be no transmission vector. Naevus Mutationis markings are disclosed. Clinics are opened to evaluated people displaying the markings and learn more about the process. Response is overwhelming but relatively few individuals pan out to possess real markings. By the end of 2002 reports issued to the public identify 24 cases leaving identities anonymous as many are minors.

Over the next few years relatively few individuals come forward the government claims security concerns with releasing much of the info being gathered. Confirmed reports from other countries now disclosing the same condition occurring in their populations expand the issue. Several countries implement strict measures around Naevus Mutationis leading to influx of people claiming refugee status in countries with looser controls.

In November 2005 Finnish Business man Tadik Swelch publicly displays his daughters telepathic abilities fully exposing the extent of the power some individuals have. He offers refuge to europeans who wish to settle together without government interference.

The incident causes an international backlash as citizens become upset about governments not disclosing the magnitude of powers and the relatively normal look that some individuals maintain after developing them.

2006-2010 average of 12 reported cases a year, suspect more as 10 of 12 display unconcealable physical changes.

2008-10 registration act debates

2010 Active use and disclosure bills pass.

2013 Maddox inccident

2016 Isolationist debates

Oldest Currently: 38 born 1978

History of Naevus Mutationis

Naevus Mutationis Tathel