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History of Naevus Mutationis

Naevus Mutationis is derived roughly from the latin for birthmark of the mutation. It is the source of the colloquial (and perhaps somewhat derogatory) term enems. It is currently competing with a second colloquial term naevi which is considered less derogatory. There is however no widely accepted dictionary term apart from Naevus Mutationis.

To this date there have been five patterns of marking associated with Naevus Mutationis and a sixth common symbol that seems present on some individuals that do not seem to present any extra human abilities. It is however generally considered that this sixth symbol is related to Naevus Mutationis because it appeared in tandem.

The symbols themselves seem to have little to no bearing on the particular extra human abilities that Naevus Mutationis display. It is not known at this time why these common markings occur, if the different markings correlate to any specific trait in an indavidual nor why there is so little variation in design despite large variation in physical position and sizing of the marks.

In the case of all marks save the sixth their appearance generally occurs one to three weeks before extra human abilities become obvious although there have been cases of the mark appearing the same day as the first display of extra human ability.

There is no known way to detect whether or not an individual will manifest Naevus Mutationis; however, there have been no documented cases of a humans manifesting such markings whom was born previous to 1978, nor any documented non-human occurrences.

There are often extreme genetic deferences between an individual pre and post extra human presentation; however, there are cases of no detectable physical change.

Due to limited sample sizes it is hard to develop reasonable metrics or relevant correlations between the manifestation of markings and any other specific physical, social or environmental factor.


Markings appear in varying sizes and positions on the body. The colouration also displays variety, as does the specific edging of the markings. They are however clearly recognizable, as any given letter in the alphabet is no matter whose hand wrote it.

Naevus Mutationis (fish hook)

Naevus Mutationis (valve)

Naevus Mutationis (inclined plane)

Naevus Mutationis (wrench)

Naevus Mutationis (martini glass)

Naevus Mutationis (socket)

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